Supported phones

Since Mov2Phn is in an early beta there aren't that many fully "supported" phone models yet, this is due to that I want that the resulting movies should be tested on a real phone before it's fully added.

  • Nokia N97
  • Nokia N95 & Nokia N95 8 GB
  • Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

My phone is not supported

Don't worry it isn't hard to add a new phone model. If you look in the Phones subfolder where you installed Mov2Phn you will see a set of .ini files with the names of the different models that are supported.

Copy one of those files, give it a good name, and edit them to match your phone. Here's the Nokia N97 file as an example:

[INFO] Manufacturer=Nokia Model=N97 [AUTHOR] Name=Mathias Wennergren Email=********** [VIDEO] Resolution=640x360 Aspect=16:9 FrameRate=25 Bitrate=1200 Quality=7 ;1=Best, 30=Worst [AUDIO] SamplingFreq=44100 Bitrate=96000 Channels=2 [OUTPUT] Format=.mp4

For most phones you probably only need to play with the Resolution (width x height in pixels), the Aspect (16:9 or 4:3), and the Quality settings. 1 is the best quality and 30 is the worst quality. 7 as in the example gives excellent quality for the good screen that the Nokia N97 has (even so good so that it works fine on a 42 inch plasma). A quality value of 10 begins to get pixelated on the N97, but works well on smaller screens.

If you find this difficult I'm more than welcome to help you out, and if you create a new phone model then please send the .ini file to me, together with a short description of how you transfer the movie, and then play it on your phone.

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