Enjoy movies on your phone

If you have a modern smartphone like for instance the Nokia N97, N95, or 5800 XpressMusic, then you can enjoy watching movies on the go with your mobile. The problem, or what used to be the problem before Mov2Phn, is that you need to convert your movies to make them work on your phone. That used to be a jungle of technical settings, bitrates, screen resolutions, audio quality, and so on...

Mov2Phn takes away all that hassle and gives you just a single folder to which you copy your movies and Mov2Phn automatically converts them and stores them in the same folder.

Just a couple of simple settings

Great effort has been taken to make Mov2Phn as simple as possible to use, so after the installation there is only a couple of simple settings to be made.

  • Choose the phone model that you have (if your phone model is not supported read the docs).
  • Select the directory that Mov2Phn should monitor.
  • Enter your email and you will recieve an email when a movie is converted and ready for viewing on your phone. The email also contains information of how to transfer the movie to your phone and how to view it.
After this you are good to go, and you just copy files that you want to convert into the directory that you specified.

Perfect for the server

If you have a Windows based server at home (for instance a Windows Home Server), then Mov2Phn is the perfect solution for you. Since the application does not need any user interaction after the initial setup you can install it on your server, point it to one of your shares and then drop movies in that shared directory and the server will automatically convert the movies for you. Best of all, Mov2Phn is running as a service, this means that if your server is restarted then you don't need to manually log in and run the application, it will be available as soon as your server is up and running again!

Freeware and no hidden suprises

Mov2Phn is freeware, there are no hidden costs, and it doesn't install any additional crapware, malware, or advertisements. So just install, convert, and enjoy your movies on the go.


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